Gin and Tonic Bricks Art

Estimated delivery dates: Jul 10, 2024 – Jul 15, 2024

Create your own unique wall art frame using interlocking plastic bricks with a fun twist on a classic cocktail theme.

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Elevate your space with our unique wall art frame made of colorful plastic bricks. Perfect for showcasing your love for cocktails like gin and tonic or adding a fun, modern touch to any room. Handmade and customizable, this eye-catching piece is sure to make a statement in your home decor. Choose the color scheme and design that best fits your style and personality. Perfect for parties, bars, or anyone who appreciates a creative twist on traditional wall art.

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1936 Bricks 15.1in (38.4cm), 3600 Bricks 20in (51.2cm), 5776 Bricks 25.2in (64cm), 8464 Bricks 30in (76.8cm)


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